Annual Dinner of SLEMA Council of Distinguished Advisors 2017/2018

A new panel of distinguished advisors for SLEMA for the 2017/2018 session was elected by SLEMA board. Eminent personnel and heads of the institutions with direct stakes in the Sri Lankan energy sector have been elected this year for the panel of advisors.

Annual Dinner of SLEMA Council of Distinguished Advisors 2017/2018 was held on 9th November 2017 at Renuka City Hotel, Colombo 3 with the participation of the newly elected advisors, past presidents and board members of SLEMA. Distinguished Advisors of SLEMA for 2017/2018

During the discussions that proceeded the Annual Dinner, the advisors highlighted several areas that need SLEMA attention such as development of the national energy policy, where the contribution of SLEMA is essential, but has been lacking. The importance of further
developing cooperation between SLEMA and other national institutions related to energy management was also pointed out. It was suggested for SLEMA to think and act in a creative way to emerge and sustain as a focal energy sector organization in the country while promoting new
trends in technology and energy management. Organizing more courses and seminars covering various streams of energy management to
enhance the knowledge and enthusiasm of members and general public towards energy management was also highlighted as a key responsibility of SLEMA.

SLEMA would like to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the constructive advises provided by the advisors and the past presidents.