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Founded by a group of professionals in 1984, we are geared for the promotion of efficiency and rational use of energy in Sri Lanka. Incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1994, we stand proud as a pioneering organisation in the field of energy efficiency in Sri Lanka where the energy management fraternity is linked through our organisation, making it the common forum for the energy managers to share their experiences and expertise. Regional and international energy experts and organisations interact with us since we are one of the pivotal organisations in the field of energy efficiency. We conduct extensive training courses, research, general awareness programs and consultancies in energy. We are active members in international and regional research projects on energy policy, planning, conservation, management and environment impacts of energy.



We aspire to deliver outstanding results by establishing a culture of excellence. In whatever we do, whatever we build, we thrust ‘energy efficiency first’. We aspire to create a new normal that will endure the test of time. In our feat to achieve efficiency, we focus on high quality systems and plan for the long haul.



Knowledge is our strength, our identity and operational strategy. Powered by an interdisciplinary resource pool, we generate cross-cutting knowledge bases, which provide for all.  Our Journal is a sought-after knowledge product among energy professionals and researchers. They cover a broad range of aspects in energy and are interdisciplinary.Our Journals are dedicated to energy sector professionals. The Journal carries research papers, articles, reviews, innovations and news regarding the energy sector. You too can contribute.Check on our Resources and learn how you can contribute.

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SLEMA engages in a number of activities in uplifting the awareness and knowledge of members and public on energy.