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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Related Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

How can I join SLEMA?

First, select the suitable membership category for you. If you are an experienced professional in the energy sector you may be eligible for the Corporate membership. If not, you can apply for associate or companion membership categories. The application process varies depending on the membership category. More details are available here.

What are the benefits of being a member?

SLEMA members are recognised as professionals in the field of energy efficiency. Further, you can network with experts in the field of energy by participating in SLEMA activities. SLEMA provides opportunities for its members to get engaged in projects undertaken by SLEMA. Based on your experience you can either lead a project or work under an expert as a team member. Special rates are offered for SLEMA members when registering for training programs organised by SLEMA.  For more benefits, visit our Membership Benefits.

Where can I get access to the SLEMA Journal?

A printed copy of the journal will be received by all SLEMA members via post. Anyone can refer the journal by accessing our website or the Sri Lanka Journals Online website.

Can I publish in the SLEMA Journal?

Yes. You can send your research paper to the review panel through

You can read our guidelines and sample journal paper here.

Does the SLEMA offer training courses?

Yes. SLEMA organises Energy Management Training Programmes  Energy Auditor Training Programmes. It is a mandatory requirement to follow Energy Management Training Programme, if you are planning to register as an Energy Manager recognised by Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority. Similarly, by following our Energy Auditor Training programmes you can acquire a qualification to become an Accredited Energy Auditor.

How can I enrol in training courses?

When organising a training program, SLEMA advertises the registration procedure. Check our events calendar regularly. Or call our office and get more information on available training courses.

How can my institute request for an energy audit to be conducted?

You can contact SLEMA office and explain your requirement.

How can I subscribe to receive the SLEMA Newsletter?

SLEMA sends the newsletter to all of its membership.

I am a school leaver interested in energy related aspects. Can I join?

Yes, you can join us as a ‘Companion’. With time, you can acquire experience at SLEMA and upgrade your membership to a higher category.

What is the main focus of SLEMA? Does SLEMA engage in renewable energy activities?

The main focus of SLEMA is Energy Efficiency. However, SLEMA undertakes assignments related to renewable energy.

I am a member of the SLEMA, and if I change my contact information, how should I notify?

You can contact SLEMA office and update the details.

I am a member and I would like to share my technology product/ insights / experience with a wider audience. Can I host a Members Evening?

Yes. You can contact our seminar secretary through SLEMA office.

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