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SLEMA Annual Sessions

34Energy Sector Integration for Sustained Economic Growth2023
33Green Hydrogen (GH2): Opportunities and Challenges for Sri Lanka2022
32Smart Grid as a Technology Option for Energy Transition2021
31Effectiveness of LNG as an Energy Source for Sri Lanka2020
30A solar defined Future: Are we ready?2019
29Energy and Climate Change: the Unfolding Future2018
28Meeting Energy Needs of Mega Cities2017
27Trends in Energy storage: Elements of an Enabling Vector?2016
26Waste to Energy: An Integrated Approach2015
25Energy efficiency in innovative transport systems2014
24Role of Automation in Energy Demand Management2013
23Strategies for Sri Lanka to Face the Global Petroleum Price Volatility2012
22Nuclear Energy – Opportunities and Challenges for Sri Lanka2011
21Energy Sustainability of Buildings2010
20Implementing Regulatory reforms in the Energy Sector2009
19Measures to Counter Impacts of Rising Petroleum Prices2008
18Downstream Petroleum Industry in Sri Lanka2007
17Energy, Environment and Economics2006
16Future of Renewable Energy in Sri Lanka2005
15Primary Energy Options for Sri Lanka Power Sector in the next decade2004
14Energy Efficiency in Transport2003
13Deregulation of the Energy Sector in Sri Lanka2002
12Managing Energy Cost in Industries and Commercial Sector2001
11Fossil Fuel Energy or the 21st Century2000
10Climate Change: Opportunities and Threats for Energy Supply and Demand1999
9Energy Infrastructure for Sustainable Development1998
8Energy and Environment1997
7Energy management1996
6Energy in Industry1995
5Household Energy1994
4Energy in Buildings1993
3Energy and Agriculture1992
2Energy and the Environment1991
1Energy Pricing and Demand Management1988