26th Session of Energy Management Forum

In order to enhance the knowledge of its members on the proposed Refinery Expansion Project, SLEMA invited Mr. Piyasena Ekanayake,
a past president of SLEMA, as the speaker of the 26th Energy Management Forum. Mr. Ekanayake, who served at Ceylon Petroleum
Corporation (CPC) as the Project Manager for the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery is an expert of the petroleum industry in Sri Lanka.

The Energy Management Forum titled “Petroleum Industry in Sri Lanka, Are We Heading towards Departure?” was held on 13th June 2019 at SLEMA Office, Colombo 8. Mr. Ekanayake presented the need and benefits of the Refinery Expansion Project with an introduction to the global petroleum market and the rationale for expanding the petroleum refining capacity of Sri Lanka. Critical questions and views expressed by the participants, especially by those who were from the petroleum industry, made the forum interesting and informative. Importance of active participation of members knowledgeable in petroleum industry in SLEMA activities was highlighted at the forum.