SLEMA Day Outing 2018

On 4th February 2018, members of SLEMA and their families participated in the Day Outing organised by SLEMA every year. Location for SLEMA Day Outing 2018 was Laya Leisure – Kukuleganga and transport from Rajagiriya to Kukuleganga was also provided by SLEMA. It was a perfect sunny day ideal for a day outing. The place was a paradise for nature lovers and for those who were seeking a break from the tiring urban life.

Upon arrival, the team engaged with fun games and activities which had been well organized by the event organizing committee. The games (which were not too easy, by the way) boosted the team spirit of SLEMA members while bringing laughs to everyone’s faces. SLEMA group was treated to a wonderful lunch followed up with some quality relaxing time spent catching up and having more fun. The group returned to Colombo with all good memories, looking forward to meeting again at the next SLEMA get-together. SLEMA invites all members to take part in the social events regularly organized by SLEMA to build up the relationship among its members and families