Energy Audits

Recent Energy Audits conducted by SLEMA
  • Energy Audit at Noritake – 2016
  • BMICH AC system Energy Audit -2016
  • Energy Audit at Sri Lanka Telecom PLC - 2016
  • Energy Audit at Trelleborg Lanka Pvt. Ltd -2014
Seminars / Workshops

Awareness programmes in the form of public lectures and seminars on topics ranging from Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Planning and Management, and Energy and Environment. Dissemination of information about new techniques and technological advancements in Energy Conservation and Demand Management.

Past Events
  • Japan-Sri Lanka Technology & Business Seminar 2017
  • Seminar on Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning Systems – 2015
  • Seminar on Electricity Metering, Billing and Tariffs – 2015
  • Seminar on Financial Modelling – 2015
  • Seminar on Renewable Energy: New Directions Worldwide and German Experience – 2014
  • Seminar on Modern Combustion Technologies and related Energy Efficiency Measures - 2014
  • Energy Audit Training Course on capacity building for engineers with hands-on practical training on energy management in industries, buildings and energy utilities.
  • Training Course for Boiler Operators and Technicians on safety, maintenance and efficiency of boilers and steam distribution systems.
  • Energy Management Training Course Enter Description Here
  • Seminar on Financial Modelling – 2015
Energy Management Forum

Discussion of pertinent topics in the field of Energy Management, exclusively among SLEMA members

Annual Sessions

Several technical presentations are made on different topics in the Energy sector.

Member Evenings

Other Special Projects

Past Projects
  • GIZ-SME Development - 2015
  • GIZ-Green Energy Champion Sri Lanka – 2015
  • Revision of Network Loss Targets – 2013
  • Approaches to Electricity Pricing in South Asia (USAID/SARI/E Small Grant Project) - 2004
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  • Energy Audits
  • Seminars
  • Trainings
  • Energy Management Forums
  • Annual Sessions
  • Members Evening
  • Other special projects